Decision On Illegal Gambling Case For Former Admiral Awaited

Tim Giardina, a previous Commander and Admiral for the United States Army was demoted back in early 2013 for being found guilty of gambling online illegally. He did this through fake chips, using a unique software that the casino couldn’t recognize. In the process he was able to still hundreds and thousands of dollars. This illegal online gambling case has recently been widely published in the media due to this accused being an Ex-US Commander and Admiral.

US Army Emblem

Mr. Giardina has been awaiting his sentence for a long period of time, the reason for this is because the US Courts are so heavily backed up and have been for nearly a decade. Regardless of how upset or angry the Admiral might get he will have to sit there and await for his sentencing to come. It is suspected that he will given a lengthy jail sentence.

This scam came to light after the previous admiral made a dire mistake while gambling. When he lost several chips, the player who was rewarded with those chips at Iowa casino notices the difference between the two separate chips. When the play went to go redeem the legal chips he had, he notified the casino of what he had found and told them which player through a video security system was using the fake chips. This resulted in that player being rewarded with cash for his good deed. Video Footage proved that the previous admiral had indeed used the fake chips which is why this case isn’t in his favor.

Mr. Giardina has yet to make any comments or statements regarding his actions. He has been given the opportunity to do so but has refused to make comments multiple time to media personal.

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