A bike that you expect to last forever must be ISO compliant

ISOIt’s so intriguing how people just buy bikes without checking that the bike is in a good condition or can last for long without going to a repair shop before time. Mainly this occurs because of certain parts that are not ISO compliant. Bikes are rendered as too costly when they are being flogged for above $5000 that is what you call a high price. Every year in our factory a number of bikes are issued as hope less of no use, and these are usually a price too high.
Today in the bike industry a lot of branded bikes are being created by industrialists. These branded bikes are made for companies and brokers that are interested in that brand of bikes.

Mostly these branded bikes are made for that type of bike only. As a consumer this means, once you buy a branded bike you can have the bicycle repaired by a shop that has the same branded parts as your bike. This creates stability and ensures your bike has a long lasting life ahead. By that you are happy and satisfied with the results and you don’t have to worry about the parts, because they are being created by industrialists that deal with the kind of branded bike you have.

Ensure Bike is OEM produced

There are some fake brokers that make fake branded bikes and they say that their bicycles are good and have the best valued components. Basically these are not ISO compatible, because one can tell between a super real label and a fake one. A good example of thee fake bikes can be seen in things like BB30 bottom brackets, or joined head set valued. However, the difference between branded compatible components and fake valued parts is that with the fake standard bikes they render anyone to if they want to, and that they think that makes it of good value.

For most bikes that are created, people have some sort of a funny idea the by buying an expensive bike, it surely means that it is very durable and can go for a couple of years. Also that they can just take it to any repair shop to have it fixed and they are good to go, but this is not a very good idea. You are destroying a bike to make it utterly useless.

Adhere to International Standards

International Standards Organisation (ISO) is definitely what you should keep in mind when wanting to buy an expensive bike that costs a lot in buck. This organisation will provide for you an advantage when wanting to get your bike fixed, because it offers a guarantee that you can get your bike sorted out at any shop that deals with such. If you don’t then your bike will become a hopeless situation and will cost you even more when repairing it. So don’t just buy a bike that is to costly and is not ISO compatible because it is not worth it at end of it all. Remember ISO all the way for long lasting bikes.

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