Aston Martin Bicycle Now For Sale!

Bicycling isn’t just something that children do, depending on where you live it is a faster form of transportation then any vehicle is. Cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Many Cities in Europe and various other locations around the globe rely on their Bicycle’s more than they do any other form of transportation.

chicago waterfront

Those who have extra money in their pocket and want to have the best Bicycle available in the market can now purchase an “Astron Martin One-77”, a bicycle that is worth $22,332. It is by far the most expensive Bicycle you will ever purchase in your life but the quality behind the bike is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A smooth ride is guaranteed wherever you go, you could be riding down a bumpy cliff or you could be on a newly paved road. You will still feel comfort while riding the One-77.

Steve Harvey, a man who owns the One-77 in Moulton said, “I see a very close parallel to the world of watches. You can spend £20 to £200 on a working watch, £2,000 on a special working watch, £20,000 on a show watch and £200,000 on a collectible watch.

They’d all function perfectly well and the watch industry has banked on people upgrading. I think this is happening in the bicycle world. The one massive benefit is that these fine objects can get you to work, save on fuel bills and leave you with the heart of a 20-year-old. A greater number of cycle owners choose to own more bicycles now. There is a trend towards having three or four bicycles or more.”

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