Atlantic Club Casino is put up for Auction

Atlantic City has been in trouble the last couple of months and one of the most troubled casinos in the city is the “Atlantic Club and Casino”. The casino is now available for auction due to the casino owners not being able to afford the up keep of the casino, player winnings and so much more. There is said to be multiple parties interested in buying the casino and giving it the haul over that it needs in order to become popular again.

The current owners of the casino is “RIH Acquisitions NJ LLC” and today they announced that they’ll be accepted bids from anyone who wishes to buy their casino. Bids will be accepted until December 16th, after that the current owners will decide which bid is the best for them to accept and finally in mid 2014 the new owners of the casinos will be released. One of the more interested parties is the rational group, they made a bid of fifteen million dollars earlier on this year and the casino owners declined the offer. The rational group is still considered to be one of the more interested parties but is suspected to make a smaller offer this time around.”

The Atlantic Club and Casino has been one of the worst performing casinos within the city. They have had nothing but financial issues and the residents in Atlantic City hope that under new ownership the casino will once again be able to rise to fame.

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