Australia’s First Online Gambling Study Results

Australia put in motion the first ever internet gambling addiction study a couple of months ago. Today we now can review the results of this new Australian study which shows that online gamblers will become more addicted than those who patronize land based casinos.

The study surveyed over four thousand Australian internet gamblers. The study showed that thirty percent of those who gamble on the internet have a low to moderate risk of becoming addicted. This low to moderate risk means that internet gamblers spend more time gambling than your average land based gambler. The study also showed that only fifteen percent of land based gamblers are prone to becoming addicted to gambling.
A researcher named Gainsbury was one of the main researchers behind this study.

Gainsbury also went on in her report saying that half of online gamblers who are addicted to gambling had their addictions originate from online gambling itself. In addition she also went on to say that since you are gambling online you don’t think about the money you are spending. When you have a one hundred dollar bill in your hand you can see it going away. If you don’t win any money it seems like a loss. When you gamble online you never see your money and you bet by a click of a button. It doesn’t register as spending the money in the same way.

This study will result in more studies being created all around the world. These studies could result in online gambling addictions being solved for dozens of people all around the globe.

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