Bamboo Bicycle Paves Eco Way

Becoming eco-friendlier in our everyday lives in becoming a continually growing issue in Northern America as well as the rest of the globe. Unfortunately, most of the time we fail to neglect our obligations to the world which in turn has caused for drastic global warming. Luckily one company by the name of “Pedal Forward” is planning to change all that with their new Bamboo Bicycle.

Bamboo Bicycle

As of right now this bicycle currently isn’t in production. The company has posted a Kickstart Page that is hoping to raise $40,000. The minimum donation is $300, which is a steep price to ask people to donate. Those whom do donate though receive this bicycle immediately once they go into production. They’ll also receive this bicycle for $200 cheaper than anyone else shall when these bikes’ are sold in retail stores. This isn’t a bad deal when all aspects of the page are considered.

This bamboo bicycle is completely constructed out of the material, the only aspects which aren’t are the wheels and chain. Owning one of these bikes also means that the frame shall never become rusted, it’ll only become stronger as time goes on. Bamboo stands as one of the most resilient woods in the world.

Anyone wishing to purchase one of these bicycles through the Kickstarter page can do so today. Purchasing this product also solidifies your wiliness to be eco-friendly & better our efforts to keeping our world clean. That alone should be worth the three hundred dollars itself. Let’s hope that Pedal Forward makes miles in the bicycling industry.

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