Bicycle Bandit in Elmira, New York

Elmira, New York Law Enforcement have been searching high and low for a bicycle bandit who once again has struck again as of Wednesday, June 24th. The latest call came around 2:45 P.M. when a woman stated that she was approached by a man with a knife, he snatched her purse from her and then took her bicycle as well. In the process eight other people at the Third Streets Park had their bicycle’s stolen throughout the day.

Elmira, police

This marks the fourth park that this man or woman has snatched as many purses, wallets & bicycle’s from local parks in Elmira. No one has been able to receive an accurate description of this person as they wear baggy clothes & have a mask on to hide their facial features. The victims have been of a variety of ages, the lowest being eight years old. Officers are stating that they’ve never seen something so obnoxious, to threaten young boys and girls with a knife in order to rob them of their small bikes. Pawn Shops in the city & around local cities have been notified not to purchase any bicycles from any suspicious males & to report all bicycle’s that they do purchase.

There were victims who were able to see his hands & ankles which showcased that he is of African American decent, he is said to be 5’11 and commonly wears blue jeans. This is a long shot for authorities but none the less when this man is found he will be arrested & sent to jail for threatening a minor with a class two weapon.

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