Bicycle Charity Hopes for 1,000 Bikes by Christmas

There is a bicycle charity which has been running for the last five years in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This charity was started all by one many who was driven to provide the children of his community with bicycles, to see children happy and active on his streets. Unfortunately two years ago he passed away to old age, Ann Mathis, his widowed wife now takes on the annual Christmas bike giveaway and she’s stated that this year she hopes to see a total of 1,000 bicycles donated to the charity by Christmas. This is her goal and it seems that she’s is more than close to accomplishing this goal.

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Miss. Mathis stated, “When my husband and I first thought of this idea five years ago we never imagined it’d reach to this point. We brought it to our church all those years ago and now we have sponsors, partners and annual donators. I honestly believe that my husband is looking down at our community with grace, love and happiness in his heart. I’d just like to thank everyone who has helped donate to our cause, you’ll never know just how much you effect the children’s lives.”

She even noted that she thinks her husband is still helping the cause by sending down angels in order to help her goal be reached. They’ve never even gotten close to the 1,000 donated bicycles, this woman truly has the Christmas spirit and obviously misses her departed husband. Hopefully knowing she’s doing good for hundreds of children will provide her with the warm Christmas feeling she needs.

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