Bicycle Sales Increase Due to Fuel Crisis

The price of fuel has become evidently more expensive throughout the last decade. It’s to the point that filling up a regular car can cost up to $100 per fill up, this is becoming far too expensive for the average citizen which is why bicycle sales throughout all of Northern America are now seeing a major rise. This is the first time that the bicycle industry has seen an increase such as this since the early 90’s.

picture of bike

The percentage increase as of right now stands at 18.6% compared to the amount of profit brought in last year. It’s still not the end of the fourth quarter for 2015 which means that this percentage can increase in the next three months. Luckily for the average consumer having a bicycle isn’t such a bad idea now, many people live in modern day cities which have bicycle lanes and public transportation. The bicycles can be placed on either the front of back of the public transportation bus. This allows for the average consumer to make it to work on time as well as save a mass amount of money.

No longer needing to save for car insurance, gas or potential repairs means far more money in the consumer’s product. This is why the rate of depression is down at all time low in modern day metropolises such as Chicago, Vancouver, Boston and more. Thanks to the increase of profit this is also creating dozens to potentially hundreds of new jobs around Northern America.

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