Bikes against cars

damage dbikeThere are a number of ideas that one should take into cognisance whether you are a driver or not and whether you are a biker or not. For some who are aware of what to do as drivers when they are coming to a bike rider, that is good but just take note of this information as you might have missed something important.

In large inner cities, most cyclists are killed usually by a car driver’s error. This usually happens rapidly and drivers should be very careful when in contact with a cyclist. However, Indiana hasn’t faced such issues because of the relatively small number of cyclists. But then it has however, come up with future plans to lower the rate of such instances between the cyclist and the car driver, and also trying to make Indianapolis a bike friendly place. Safe to say, if this plan pays out it would be the drivers job to consider the importance of bike riders than the bike riders always looking over their shoulders in trying to avoid drivers.

Bikes will always lose

To be realistic the damaged done by a car is far much greater than that of a bike, in other words you simply can not compare. To avoid incidents where a biker ends up wounded or most likely dead both the cyclist and the car driver have to follow the road signs carefully. Basically these types of incidents should not be expected to happen in the future between motorists and cyclists, it should be prevented. If you are a driver and you have a bad habit of driving carelessly then you should begin to think about changing your driving skills. This is because you are putting cyclists out there at risk of losing their lives and getting hurt.

Never forget that a biker has the same qualities as you when it comes to using the road. I‘m not just saying this by pleasure but the traffic laws put it out there for you. Do not be annoyed by the fact that a cyclist is using the road and not the sidewalk. We all know pavements were designed for non drivers and non cyclists, not merely for cyclists. So as a driver remember that you share the road with cyclists. Pavements have constant endings and beginnings and so forth.
It is of great advice to never drive close behind a biker in order to make them increase speed or just move out of the way. First of all it scares the cycler and diminishes their confidence and can conjure to extremely bad incidents. Noticeably cars can never stop in second unlike bikes, and that definitely can not be a pretty site indeed.

It is simple and silly incidents like the attitude of the driver that results in accidents. You can not swerve in front of a cyclist after passing them, as you know a car is a big body and you cannot be certain as to the space between you and the cyclist. Obviously just a touch of the car to the cyclist in a blink of an eye can throw the rider off the bike and that is not a beautiful thing.

What to do if faced with against a car

Remember at all times to never yell or scream your lungs out at a cyclist because you can definitely cause havoc and commotion. Just like a horse it gets scared when you scream at it, and the horse jilts around. The same happens to cyclists too, he loses control and the bike too loses control and it’s not amusing.

As I said remember as a driver to consider those that are on the bike because it simply helps to avoid silly and useless accidents. But at sometimes it creates confusion for the rider so just be patient and be user road friendly, because a cyclist has every right just as you.

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