Bodog88 Poker Operating Specifically in Vietnam and China

Bodog has continued to remain as one of the top online casinos within the online gambling market. They offer their gambling services in a downloadable option and an instant play option. You also have the chance to play their services through their mobile casino which is available on all Apple based and Android based mobile products.

Today Bodog announced that their Asian franchise “Bodog88” will now become a standalone poker product which will only be available to Chinese and Vietnamese online punters. This new decision made by the CEO for Bodog doesn’t affect the regular Bodog online casino. Punters will still be able to enjoy casino games, sports betting and horse betting through the main Bodog casino.
Online punters can go to Bodog88 right now and enjoy various kinds of gambling products such as sports betting, casino games, live casino games and video poker. Regardless of what you choose to play the video poker software offered for this online casino is the most enjoyable aspect of their gambling services. Playing online live poker makes you feel as if you’re at a land based casino, sitting at a poker table and living the real experience.

Players who have become affected by the new restriction zones will have a maximum of ten days in order to receive their funds back to them, receive their VIP points and have their tournament tickets refunded back to them in cash. After the ten days are up previous online punters of Bodog88 will not be able to receive their money back to them.

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