Bono Needs Surgery

Bono, the legendary musician and peacekeeper from US revealed today that he will now be starting his weeklong showcasing at “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and will also have to postpone his upcoming tour for a couple of weeks as he injured himself somewhat seriously while riding his bicycle in Central Park. He will now be undergoing surgery on his arm and will then have to rest for a couple of weeks before he can return back on stage to rock everyone’s heart out.

tonight show

This came as a major disappoint to fans and to Jimmy Fallon himself as he is a major fan of US. There is no word as to what Mr. Fallon will be doing in order to fill the position that Bono had for an entire week. What we do know is that we hope that best for Bono as everyone was hoping that he would be able to put on one of his astonishing performances that he is known for.

Bono also hasn’t revealed if he is willing to reschedule his weeklong performance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” but knowing that they’ve had a long friendship with one another you can be ensured that Bono will reschedule his performances and entertain fans of the show for an entire week. We shall keep you updated on Bono’s condition and we will also inform you if he plans on returning to the tonight show in the upcoming weeks after he has been healed from his injury.

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