Canada Ranked #1 Country For Mountain Biking

Canada has officially been ranked as the number one country for Mountain Biking in the world now. Previously it was New Zealand that held the number one position but as the years have passed on by the New Zealand terrain has been polluted by horrible weather. The mass amount of rain that is poured down upon New Zealand has made nearly every bike path un-accessible. New Zealand and Canada were nearly tied in the years before 2014 but New Zealand always came on top due to their steeper mountain terrain.


Since nearly every bike trail in New Zealand has been made un-accessible Canada now is able to reign supreme as the number one country for Mountain Biking. This means that the world wide famous Commonwealth Games will now be held in Canada, British Columbia. This year the Commonwealth Games were held in New Zealand like they normally are but this time the courses were completely different, they were soggy from the rain and many riders were injured during the tournament.

Anton Cooper, the winner of this year’s Commonwealth Games stated the following, “I completely support the decision to move the Commonwealth Games over to Canada. This year was by far the hardest and there were many occasions where I nearly killed myself this year. It is unsafe for every biker, moving it to Canada will allow for us to be safe once again and it’ll allow us to ride on destined tracks that are easier for us.”

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