Canadian Man Killed on Bicycle

Unfortunately yet another incident involving a death due to a bicycle & car related incident is in the news once again. One unfortunate Brampton, Ontario man was struck on his Bicycle early in the morning. At 6 A.M. on Steeles Avenue, just west of Highway 427 this man was struck by an unknown assailant. The man who was struck was presumed to be dead seconds after impact.

Brampton, Ontario

This issue is starting to gain some headway throughout Mississauga and Brampton. The police are unaware as to who could’ve hit this man or even if the assailant realized that they had struck another vehicle. Peel Region Police have begun asking if anyone whom might have been at the seen or witnessed this incident could please come forward with any information regarding the car, the identity of the man or more.

Police are currently looking for the driver but there aren’t many clues as to whom this man could be. Peel Region Police have urged drivers throughout the last two decades to cautiously practice safe driving in order to avoid accidents and potential deaths. Peel Region is one of the largest in Southern Ontario and due to this the amount of traffic, people roaming the roads and more is at an all-time high.

The percentage of accidents have increased by 7.6% in Peel Region this year. This is due to the fact that politicians continue to allow for more homes to be built which in return means more cars on the road, more people walking the sidewalks, bicycling on the sides of the streets and inevitably more accidents.

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