Car Moved Out of Bicycle Land

There are people all around the world who consider cyclists to be a joke, some believe that they should stay on sidewalks while others will take advantage of bicycle lanes by parking in them. Regardless of what the circumstance is, the abuse that daily cyclists have to face when using an environmentally friendly form of transportation is ridiculous. One man in Sweden had enough of this after someone parked their car directly in the cyclist lane.

bike lanes

This large individual took it upon himself to lift the vehicle from its position and turn it so that bikers could have access to the lane. A sharp turn was located only a few feet from where the car was parked causing for cyclists to fall a number of times, after the man almost had a tumble he made sure that it would happen to no one else passing by. What this man has done ended up going viral on the internet. While he was doing this kind gesture he also attracted a number of people who were cheering him on for his efforts which resulted in no comments from the gentle giant in question and he just moved the car. After returning to his bicycle he left the area without saying anything to anyone.

These are the kind of people that should be employed in our culture for it would allow for a much better world. It’ll be interesting to see if this man is found or confronted by the person who had the car in the bicycle lane.

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