Coral Announced Partnership With Chelsea FC

Online Sports Betting Firm Coral announced that they have been named as the Official European Online Betting Partner for Chelsea FC between 2015 and 2016’s Premier League Seasons. This will mean that through various commercials, billboards and more you’ll see the Coral Logo. The partnership will have both Chelsea FC and Coral gain new fans which will in return increase the profit they make yearly.

Due to the nature of this deal Coral will be privy towards some of the best marketing opportunities available for a football club. Chelsea FC fans will be able to wager unique bets on the Coral Website when it deals towards Chelsea’s season. This new deal is valid for two and a half years, allowing for Coral to have a good amount of time to gain new players through the deal. There hasn’t been any details on how much is cost Coral in order to complete this deal but we suspect it was a lot of money.

Ron Gourlay, the Chief Executive for Chelsea FC commented on the new partnership saying, “We have spent a long period of time deciding and planning who our partner was going to be in the online gambling sector for our yearly advertising. We found that Coral runs a tight operation that is honest and respectable to online punters. They have an established name that continues to grow internationally every single year. We hope that Chelsea Fans as well as Coral benefits from this new deal.”

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