Cyclone Bicycles Creates ACS

Cyclone Bicycles, one of the more known bicycle brands around the world announced that they’ve started a new biking company called “ACS”. ACS has specifically been created for BMX Riders, allowing for Cyclone to enter a market they once thought wasn’t possibly to enter.

Cyclone Bicycles

Cyclone first began their operations back in 2003, within eleven years they have been able to grow as one of the largest distributors for Bicycles around the world. Cyclone first started selling their products in Portland, Oregon. Now you can find a variety of Cyclone Shops around the country, their bikes are sold are at almost every retail sports shop such as Sportschek or Wal-Mart. Today Cyclone offers a wide selection of bikes for their customers to choose from, each one of these bikes are built to perfection and are also affordable at the same time. It is the combination of quality bikes and affordable prices that has allowed for Cyclone to grow as one of the largest manufactures of Bicycles in the world.

It is unknown as to when ACS will first become available to retail buyers. As of right now Cyclone has openly said that they are working alongside companies such as West 49 in order to create the best BMX they possibly can before they release their new bikes upon the world. We will keep you informed on any new information released regarding when these BMX’s will become available to the average consumer. You might have to wait awhile as Cyclone doesn’t release a product until its reached perfection.

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