Diamond Game Enterprises Bought Out By Amaya Gaming

The Amaya Gaming Group, one of the largest betting giants in the market announced that they have acquired a new slot software developer “Diamond Game Enterprises”.

This new deal will allow for Amaya Gaming to receive all of the Diamond Game Enterprise slot machines. This will give Amaya Gaming a larger repertoire of casino games to their licensees. The purchase of this software developer cost Amaya Gaming a total of eighteen million dollars. Seven million has been held back in case the deal goes south to due potential cash liabilities.
David Baazov, the CEO for Amaya Gaming commented on the new deal saying, “We are pleased to have been able to purchase Diamond Gaming Enterprises. They were named innovator of lottery technology last year, they already have multiple patents and we are happy to welcome the DGE staff into the Amaya Gaming Global Team. Every employee of Diamond Gaming Enterprises will keep their position and job intact.”

Diamond Gaming Enterprises made a statement on their website that read: We have recently been purchased by “The Amaya Gaming Group”. We want to thank all of our licensees, players and fans throughout our years of operation. All of our staff will remain in their positions and the experience that you have loved throughout the years will remain the same. We know that through Amaya Gaming acquiring us we will be able to receive new software and provide punters with a more realistic slot experience.”

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