€594,923 Won at All Slots Casino

One special punter was able to have him himself a great start to his holiday season as he was able to trigger a €594,923 while playing Caribbean Draw Poker at the All Stars Casino. This punter has been playing Caribbean Draw Poker for years and now can says he beat the jackpot.

This big win was triggered by a Croatian Player by the name of Matej B. He scored the jackpot when he was dealt a Royal Flush in the game. Matej B is the first to ever trigger a jackpot in this casino game at the casino so this is especially exciting for the staff at All Slots. The game has been out for four years and receives a solid amount of attention from players who love Caribbean Poker.

Matej commented on his big win saying, I couldn’t believe what I had just saw on the screen. I’ve gambled for years and never thought I’d be able to win a jackpot like this. I plan on doing as much as I possibly can for the world with this money.”

David Brickman, the Vice President of Player Affairs for All Slots Casino commented on the win as well saying, “This is one of the best ways someone could have kicked off their holiday season and we are happy to have had it come out of our casino. We would like to congratulate Matej on his big win.”

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