Free Bicycle Helmets Given To Florida Student

In the state of Florida it is required that children under the age of sixteen must wear a helmet while riding their Bicycles. Unfortunately the state of Florida has low wages depending on your line of work which results in parents not being able to afford the helmets as their extremely expensive in Florida. Bikes alone are worth hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and that’s considered to be a cheap mode.


This is why a young safety initiative was created by the Florida, Nassau County. “PedBike” consists of thirty volunteers who spend their own money while trying to get donations in order to purchase helmets for children in the Nassau County. The most recent school to get a large donation for Helmets was the Hilliard Elementary School. PedBike with the help of the Greater Nassau County Chambers of Commerce gave more than seven hundred students new helmets to enjoy while riding their bicycles. Over twenty five hundred children in the Nassau County have now been given a helmet.

Parents in the Nassau County have been expressing how grateful they are for these donations. The program is currently being hundred by Florida’s Department of Transportation. Various organizations have teamed up with PedBike to help this cause. Anyone who wishes to donate to this cause can do so by calling 1-904-879-1441, that number being for the Greater Nassau County of Chambers. This initiative in return will encourage children in the Nassau County to be safe, donate to charities when their older and be good citizens.

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