Hells Angels Buys All Bicycles

When you think of the Hells Angels you think of a biker gang known for committing serious crimes. Though Sons of Anarchy is based on the Hells Angels. It has been years since the biker gang has been found of any criminal activity and they’ve slowly become a biker group instead of gang by helping out the community around them. The Fresno Hells Angels took to their local Wal-Mart in order to buy out every single bicycle in the store, it cost thousands of dollars but all of these bicycles are being donated to a charity which gives free bicycle’s to children in need.


The specific group that will be receiving this incredible donation in the Poverello House, a Fresno Non Profit Organization that is dedicated to providing to the homeless and the needy. They are considered to be one of the most respected non-profit organizations known in California. Wal-Mart couldn’t be any happier as well as this meant that it was a major pay day for the store in a short hour. You can be ensured that the manager got appraisal from his higher ups for the generosity of the Hells Angels. The Manager himself and all of the employee’s helped to load every single one of these bikes in a fast process which took less than an hour.

The store manager openly said that he was happy to work with the Hells Angels & that they’ve done more than enough these last few years for the Fresno community. Next time when you think of the Hells Angels, think of them as a group of men looking to help their communities.

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