Make sure your seat is comfortable

Before you engage into gear, you first need to be comfortable with your saddle and if not comfortable, you would have to adjust it to suit your preference. However, what constitutes to a comfortable saddle.

Find the right shop

There are several bike shops available near you and for comparison, individuals are able to make use of various online stores for comparison. A bike can look flashy with all its fancy equipment but is the seat does not make the rider comfortable it become a hell lot of a disaster. The seat should make the driver very much comfortable at also you need to consider the time taken to seat on the saddle. For instance, when sitting on the saddle for the first time or for a few minutes, the saddle may seem very comfortable but as time goes on you may tend to feel pain at which this causes so much discomfort at which this can even be frustrating to the biker. Therefore, if travelling for long distances you need to check whether your seat will always be comfortable throughout.

On the other hand, the comfort of a seat can diver according to the road terrains. If you are going on a bumpy road trip then you need to select a bike that suits the terrain. Therefore, the terrains also cause an effect on the comfy of your seat. A saddle can be replaced with a new one and this can go on for a couple of rides until it wears and tears. However, when replacing a new saddle for a new one there are so many factors you need tobikeseat consider.

Consider the type of material

Firstly, you need to consider the type of material used for the saddle. It tends to be difficult to compare and contrast between a variety of saddles to see which type of material is best but I would recommend leather. Try to avoid buying saddles that have been made by PU leather as it will not last and it tears easily. PU leather is a material replica to leather and easily tears when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Also, the saddle should have much cushion that does not flatten out easily and at the same time it should be comfortable whether it has been sat by an overweight individual.

The bike saddles are meant to sustain not the entire weight of the biker but a certain percentage but designed to carry your entire weight as well. The rest of the weight is distributed proportionally to the legs and arms at which if the saddle is not designed properly this can cause serious discomfort especially to bikers who have more weight.

For bikers who have been off the bike for some time probably more than 6 months may find it very uncomfortable when riding the bike after a long time off. The first rides are usually painful and as time goes on you will soon become comfortable with your saddle. However, when selecting a saddle for replacement make sure you do not go for the hard but rather for the soft at which it can actually shape your position with ease.

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