Montreal Ranked #1 Bicycle Friendly City In Northern America

Montreal, the largest city located in Quebec and one of the largest cities in Canada is now considered to be the number one safest city for bicycle enthusiasts. A list was compiled for “The Copenhagenize Index 2013/2014”, they choose thirteen of the largest cities across Northern America expecting to see higher results in the United States of America then Canada. The end result is that Canada proves to put more efforts into making their citizens use Bicycles as a real form of transportation.


Cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver have put major efforts into bicycle safety and protection in their cities. Urban Planners must now consider bikers in a serious form, creating bike lanes and various methods in which they can use their bicycles in a safe manner. Montreal has gone as far as to make a separate lane blocked off by a small concrete barrier between car lanes and bicycle lanes. This is one of the safest methods ever performed for Bicyclists across Montreal.

The Copenhagenize Index also ranked the top one hundred cities across the world, Montreal was able to rank number eleven compared to all eighty nine cities on the list. This is incredible when you compare it to their competition, cities like New York City and San Francisco lost to Montreal. So if you live in the beautiful city of Montreal, go take a bike ride as you can be ensured that you will be safe while on the roads

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