New Generation On Horizen

The season may be winding down for 2014 but the spirit is still very high, especially for the team from the U.S.A. The road championship team only has 6 members, but it is one of the best teams compiled in recent years. This includes the teams leader, Alex Howes, who is joined by Brent Bookwalter, Kiel Reijnen, Eric Marcotte, Andrew Talansky and Tejay van Garderen, each of whom hold support roles. This is a clear show that the change in generations is under way.

TeamUSA cycling

The oldest member of the team is Marcotte, who at 34, has achieved great success and as a USA pro, earned his spot as a result of a national title. Bookwalter follows in at 30 and Reijnen at 28. All others come in under 27 yrs of age, which gives them a mature team but one that is not old and nearing the end of their respective careers. For their part, Howes and Reijnene each won stages during the USA Pro Challenge event with both wins coming in on similar courses and distance. While neither of these members have been tested in a race of the distances they will face in the upcoming season, they are both strong and highly charged individuals with a high degree of optimism.

Generally, most national team riders are not overly familiar with the other team members at the beginning that quickly changes. Most riders in the U.S are most accustomed to those they trade with within the Cycling development program. Marcoote for his part is one who has little time in this arenas as he maintains a dedicated practise in Chiropractic care. The rider has seen some criticism as a result but earned his place and therefore has some rights to his defensiveness over that criticism as reports in an article posted at

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