New Jersey Politicians Come Out Against Federal Banning Of Online Gambling

Democratic Politicians in New Jersey took it upon themselves to come out against the Federal Government due to two bills that set out to ban online gambling in the United States of America. These two bills want to ban online gambling on a Federal Level which means New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware would all have to close their online gambling markets.

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Ray Lesnaik, a New Jersey State Senator took to the media to come out against the potential federal banning of online gambling, saying: “It’s disappointing to see that our Federal Government wants to ban online gambling across the board. New Jersey alone has proven that millions of dollars can be brought in each month through tax revenues and that’s just one state. Imagine that across all 51 states in the USA. Our Federal Government continues to take bribes from land based casino owners knowing that online gambling could do wonders for our country.”

He continued by saying, “I’m glad that our Federal Government is under fire for even thinking about banning online gambling. The people know that massive amounts of tax revenue could be brought in for the country through an cross country online gambling market and the people also know that those tax revenues can be used to better our country.

Essentially if the Federal Government bans online gambling they will have admitted to having no concerns for the well being of the United States of America. “

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