Retired Vancouver Couple Bike the World

Chris & Margo MacTaggart are a retired Vancouver couple that have been in the news recently. The reasoning for this is because this couple has traveled more than forty-five different countries via their bicycles. This is an accomplishment that no other biker in the globe can claim as their own. During this eleven-month trip that would take them from Bangkok to Paris, they said the feeling of being nervous arose multiple times.

Chris & Margo MacTaggart

Chris & Margo have been traveling the world via their bicycles when they can since 2006. During the last ten years they’ve traveled through Northern & Southern America, Europe and Asia as well. Their first trip was in Cuba, since then they’ve estimated that they’ve both biked 40,000 odd Kilometres. This trip hasn’t been all positive for the two though. There have been times where tension & fear was a reality. One moment was back in 2009 in China, they came close to the Tibet & this region in China has just became closed off to foreigners due to a monk whom recently lite himself on fire.

There had been other moments when biking through Afghanistan where they were stopped at a check point, young Afghanistan warriors with AK-47’s almost detained the two after believing their identification to be fake. None the less luck has pursued alongside this couple and has allowed them to travel safely.

As of right now the both of them remain at home, unsure if they’ll venture off into the world again after a decade of doing so. It seems that their true retirement could just be starting now.

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