Riding safe with your children

Riding with our child bring a lot of fun and bondage. The more you spend with your child is the more you build a close relationship between the parent and child. The experience can be a lot fun for the child but the parent may feel frightened concerning safety of the child. In this guide, i will outline a few tips on riding with your kid safely.

Teach and Follow rules of the road

Riding on the sidewalk is illegal only unless you under 13 thus riding on the road would require you to follow certain rules such as those of other road vehicles. You would need to ride at the correct side of the road and the road has its dangers as well as compared to riding on the sidewalk. Riding on the sidewalk has its dangers to include drivers who are coming in and out of their driveways and many other factors at which riding on the sidewalks have greater risks than riding on the road. However, when it comes to riding with your child, you need to get geared for the road as well as preparing yourself for any mishaps that may occur.

An important rule to follow is to always follow the road traffic rules like all other motorists. In addition, you need to wear safety gear such as helmets, knee pads, etc to avoid the risk of getting seriously injured when an accident occurs. Also, when riding with your child, you need to carry a med kit along with you. You can either opt to ride on the sidewalk or on road but you need to be precautious of the dangers associated with sidewalks. Pedestrians also constitute to the dangers associated with riding on the sidewalk. You need to teach your children that when approaching pedestrian, you should be the first to give way rather than letting the pedestrian decide to give way to cyclists. The first rule should always apply when riding on the sidewalk – give way to oncoming pedestrians.

Limit the number of children you take with you

Another thing you need to consider is the number of children you are riding with. You can focus on one child at a time and focusing on all of them at once tends to be destruction. Hence, try by all means to guide each child individually one at a time.

Then next step you need to consider is the destination and area you consider riding with your children. The area you consider riding with your children should not have high traffic so as to reduce the dangers of accidents occurring. An area that is not too busy with traffic also tends to be a lot fun for your children at which they will be able to ride at free wheel with little supervision. Also the street selected should be wide enough so that there is room for your kids to enjoy the ride.

Another rule you should enforce when riding with your kids is the no chatting rule. Children tend to lose concentration and the more they keep chatting is the more they can easily lose focus while riding on the road.

Whilst riding with your kids, your main focus is to look out for your kids and follow then closely behind.

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