Some tips when riding in the city

Traffic is too much in Atlanta and the space for cyclists is little. Basically it is the worst city to ride in because of traffic congestions. No wonder it has gotten this title of being the bad city in the whole country for cycling. This should not stop you from having the time of your life through cycling, you just have to know the pros and cons for cycling in that city, and when where to cycle.

Be seen always

Always make sure you can be seen and show what is your next move is, this tip you should always have it on the back of your head. Things like your gear, it should be colourful like yellow, and it is easy on the eye and just a nice bright colour that one cannot miss. Wearing a dull colour like grey will cause problems for you, especially when it is dark, it’s better for you if you are visible enough at night to motorists.

When you simply follow the laws of the road then you are being predictable enough. Just as the car, the bike is also categorised as a vehicle that is why it also has to abide to the regulations. There are only one set of laws and so if everyone follows them, then it is a guarantee that there would be less chaos.

Watch out for dangers

The second tip is to look out for dangers that apply to bikes only. Beware of cars that just left turn in front of you and those that are coming out of parking lots and so on. Even though these are common hazards, one just has to be careful at all times. Drivers may just come out in front of the cyclist but they would never do that when a car or truck is coming. Sometimes drivers often miscalculate the speed that cyclists would be using and they do not see them as hazardous to them.
To avoid incidents where a car passes and makes a right turn, you have to go on to the middle lane. Also if you know the road that you use, it prevents you from being knocked off by sewer grates.

When railway roads are wet, the steel plates become sloppy thus you should always make sure you cross those in a circular mode or carefully. You don’t want to end up being thrown off your bike.
Always give a hint before making unexpected turns, because drivers are not in full glance of those dangers that you are avoiding.

Tip number three, ensure that you choose good streets, and if you look keenly for these you can easily find them, those roads were there are a few people walking on them. Be pride free and ask for assistance from other cyclists, you will be shocked to hear that most of them use those routes. Once you know which road to use and master the dangers you are now good to go.
One can say that cycling in Atlanta is too much to handle but once you master the right techniques you won’t have problems getting by at any time. Cycling with a whole lot of cars is frightening but that is not a feeling that can stop you from doing so. Just follow the tips and you will have a great time cycling in Atlanta, I am positive about that. Keep in mind that you have to follow the regulations of the road just like car drivers so as to avoid accidents.

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