Tips for biking in the winter

Biking in snowDoes it mean that since winter has begun, then you’re riding days are over; don’t let winter get the back of you. Even with its harsh conditions, that should not let you to give up on cycling. I think it’s more thrilling to ride in winter than in summer, so why not. Although it might take a bit of enthusiasm to cycle in winter because it’s cold and dull, but a winter’s ride is perfect in stimulating the mind and whole body. All you got to do to have a smashing ride is to dress warm for winter and then your days of winter will just scoop by. Don’t forget to cycle with someone especially in faraway places, because it gets darker faster in winter.

Make sure you bike is serviced

Keeping your bike intact in winter is essential as it ensure that you will not have mere problems. Just as in summer and spring ensuing that your bike is in god condition is just as important as in winter. There is no difference at all, but in winter you have to take extra care. In winter the wind is blowing harder and thus more dirt is keen to get on the chain, so regular checking of the chain is essential. Other parts as well are somehow important such as, the bearings, brake cables, brake levers that there are well lubricated.

Install the right tires

A must for winter is having tires that are in a good condition. Different tire types are somehow important especially for winter, for example, in areas that are wet narrow tires are the best, and in snow areas wide tires are the best too. Decorated tires are good for places that have snow and ice mainly; if you are creative then you can design your own. A low pressure of 30-40 PSI is what should be considered in winter. In cold climates guards are important and a god source for winter. They act as a shield that keeps away a lot of different objects like mud, snow, or even water off you and the bicycle. The ones made of aluminum are the perfect ones for winter.

On the way a lot of disturbances can be difficult to pass by easily, for instance, leaves, manhole covers, and gravel. If these come into contact with the wet road then they are sure to give you hell in braking, be careful how you stop and keep a close eye for turns. Turns are somehow a very tricky aspect so keeping a clean, clear turn is the best and don’t stop while turning. To prevent falling or destroying your tires turn more outward. Always make sure you are dressed in clothes that are good reflectors and that your front and back lights are on because in winter we all know the day is shorter and it becomes darker quickly. Also in winter car drivers cannot easily see cyclists that is why it’s important to make sure you are ready for the ride.

Just be careful how you ride in wet roads because there are particles that are there to give you hell and that is dangerous. If the tire is covered in mud or snow it then makes it difficult to stop so be careful, don’t force it. If you follow these tips you can go by easy but don’t stop riding because the weather changed.

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