Toronto Building New Bike Park

In between the Gardiner Expressway and Lakeshore Avenue there is a brand new bike park available for all those who enjoy BMX Riding within Toronto and the surrounding areas. Toronto city officials specifically developed this new bike park, which is being named “Sunnyside Bike Park” for a reason. A large amount of BMX Riders choose to go down to the local ravines or bike alongside the road. This has resulted in many children being hurt which could easily have been avoided. This is why Toronto City Officials choose to make the Sunnyside Bike Park.

Sunnyside park

The bike park isn’t slated to be opened until September but already young children and young adults are rushing down to the new park to try out what they have to offer. Ramps, Rails, Jumps and more await anyone who wishes to venture into this new bike park. There will also be a medical staff available twenty four seven at the bike park, this is to ensure that anyone who gets hurt will be able to receive immediate medical attention. Terry Leimonis, a thirty one year old firefighter in Toronto was one of the first to test of this new park. He had a lot to say about the new Sunnyside Bike Park.

Mr. Leimonis stated the following, “I have often had to go on a call where a young adult or child has been hurt bike riding. As an avid BMX rider I have been waiting for a large bike park such as this one to become a reality within Toronto. It’ll allow for children to be in a safe environment and receive medical attention in a matter of seconds if they hurt themselves.”

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