Tour De Grand 2014 Completed

Every year the Waterloo Region, in Ontario Canada, participates in something called the “Tour De Grand”. It is the Waterloo Regions version of the Tour De Le France and it brought in thousands of bikers this year. Normally you will find that that these races consist of street bikes or mountain bikes, this year everyone saw bikes that range from BMX’s to Mountain Bikes.

Tour De Grand logo

This time around a total of 3,500 people attended the Tour De Grand. Participants were able to choose either a fifty mile race, seventy five mile race or one hundred and fifty mile race. There was only a small group of people who were able to complete the one hundred and fifty mile race, one of those people was Jesse Farrow and he was riding a BMX. Mr. Farrow was the only rider in his age group to complete the one hundred and fifty mile race let alone doing it on a BMX.

Jesse was asked by the Cambridge Times how he felt about accomplishing his goal to finish the full 150 Miles on a BMX saying, “Everyone always tries to put me down, they’ll tell me I’m not good enough or that I’m a jerk. I find that to be funny as none of the people I know would even consider biking this far, let alone on a BMX. I am simply proud of myself, I plan to go home and take a massive nap not. It is very much needed.”

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