Various online slot games

There are a variety of online slot games available and every online casino offers more than 100 slot games to choose from. There are several online slot variations available and in this guide, I will outline some of these slot variations. Online slots are easy to play and all games are based on one similar concept – inserting coins and spinning the reels.

The games are based more on luck rather than strategy but in order for player to get a winning edge the game needs to be played on max bet or all paylines need to be activated. One thing you need to know is that online slots make use of the random number generator that produces payout combinations at random at each the outcome of the present is not influenced by the outcome of the past. This means that players are able to trigger a top jackpot continuously at any given time.
The slot variations you can find online include 3-reel classic slots, 5-reel slots, bonus slots, progressive slots, multi-line slots, 3D slots and many others.

Classic slots

The 3-reel classic slots make use of the standard features and are based on the Vegas theme. Most of these will accept a max of 3 coins and during game play, players will come across the common icons such as the 3-bar, 2-bar, 1-bar and cherry. The classic slots offer few payout combinations but deliver great gaming experience to its players.

Bonus Slots

The bonus slots offer a variety of bonus feature games at which the most common bonus feature game is the free spin bonus round. Classic slots and 5-reel slots can also have bonus feature games and these will include a special icon that will be used to trigger the bonus feature game. However, some slots will make use of various scatter icons to trigger the bonus feature game.

Progressive slots

Another interesting slot variation is the progressive slots that offer massive jackpots and these can payout more than $1 million. The slot games are interconnected to each other from one casino to another and as players keep playing the slot game, a certain percentage of your wager is added on to the jackpot and this will keep increasing until the jackpot has been triggered. Most of the slots played online have a return to player rate of 95% up to 97% depending on the slot gaming manufacturer.

If you are new to online slots, casinos will offer you a wider selection of slot games to choose from and you will certainly get to select your favorite game that will thrill you to the max. Most of these slot games are based on various themes to include sports, fishing, ancient history, deep sea and many more. Most of these slots offer betting limits that suit all types of players and some are designed specifically for low wagers and others for high rollers.

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