Vela Changing Urban Commute With Electric Bicycle

Vela, a European based bicycle manufacturer has revealed that they plan on changing the urban commute in the upcoming year with their brand new Electric Bicycle. This Electric Bicycle will support a classic design as Vela wants to remind those who purchase this product how far technology and bicycles have come throughout the years.

This new bicycle comes with many special hidden features which will impress those who live in large cities such as New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago and many others. The main panel which holds the battery is covered by a waterproof leather which will be able to sustain any liquid, the leather is bolted directly into the frame with multiple bolts so that it make never become loose.


Within this chamber there is a LED Battery Life Indicator as well as a USB Port so that riders may charge their devices on the go and a GPS tracker so that this bike may be tracked if it is ever stolen. All in all this bike in total weights only forty two pounds. The 370wh Lithium ION Battery will allow for this bike to run for hours on hours at a time, there are also rear and front LED headlights for the night time. The fat road tires will allow for better comfort while riding and will also allow for a large amount of terrain to be tracked.

This bicycle was originally funded through a kickstarter campaign, now that all those who funded the campaign have received their new bike, Vela has been able to gain true investors and plans on bringing this product to Europe & North America in the upcoming year.

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