What to wear when riding to work

It’s all about what is suitable for you and what you are comfortable with when selecting clothes for riding. It does not mean you have to dress like professionals; just the normal trousers and shirt can just do the trick. Preferably what you think is good for you is good for you, no one can change that.

However, it so happened that I had to fix my punctured bike, the atmosphere was so cold that I felt lonely as I was pumping my tire; I had to check for tiny holes in the tube so I could patch them. This gave me some comfort because I was dressed in something that was suitable in case such incidents happen. So you don’t have to follow fashion trends because these can be problematic in the end. You can be said to be an outcast but at the end of it all you benefit, so don’t mind them.

I carry a lot of stuff in my bag, stuff that I need for my daily use, for instance, a camera, books, tools and food. I carry all this stuff because it is part of my day to day ritual, and I don’t want anything that is not part of it. Basically I use my bike as a means of transport not for causalities such as sport or riding for fun. Since I use my bike for simply transporting me I also dress very simply or more relaxed. I do not wear gear that is colourful like red, green, or yellow with designer badges, I just wear normal plain trousers and shirt. I usually do a speed of 21 and I wonder if I should be worried about passing the target?

Forget about being trendy

People cycling in their trendy wear have to make sure that their jobs are in a sequence and representing a more arranged time than me. Methodically they have kept their flexibility in tact better than me. They speed past me even if I don’t have a puncture, is it because they have conductors placed to their chests to check how fast the heart is beating and through this they manage to control the heart rates. That however, helps them to keep time and use it wisely; they don’t have to leave earlier like I do. It’s so happened that I had to cycle San Diego from LA to film an event I was told I would take 9 hours and I didn’t believe them so I left one day early and to my surprise it took me 16 hours on check.

Those trendy clothes I have notice just stand for something not good, they just come into view as speedily even if the one who is clothed in them is not moving. In magazines they are advertised as flashy meaning to overthrow. Those gears from top to bottom have engraved protective wear that depicts a soldier like feeling for riders. My wonderful bike was created for the spectacular sidewalk, compared to the mountain bike that was created for harsh ground that most people love to move on with speed. I always come into mobility with dirt and glimmer and that fascinates me so much that I want to move over it.

Dress for comfortbikewear

I am not worried about the fact that I have to dress in cyclist gear but the fact that as to consider a designer company to tell me what I should dress in. That is what I am against and definitely some of the wear is good because it serves a lot of issues. Like the helmet for instance, it shield you from a lot of things and tights and jerseys support the rider on the seat. But in most cases these tights and jerseys expose you to the sun and you are scourged by it, unlike normal clothes.

With the shoes it is the same old story, the cycling shoes that are designed today do not correspond with the pins. I was given a nice pair of shoes and it was said that these shoes would work greatly with the toe pins, but they just didn’t do for me because they were torn after just one week of cycling. By then I decided that my usual shoes work just better and went back in using them. Even though the cycling shoes were fixed they were still not suitable for me, because they made my feet to sweat. Basically these shoes are meant to make life easier for you when cycling but somehow they don’t because they have some faults with them that’s why I prefer my normal shoes.

Simply I do not like cycling shorts because I find them so uncomfortable and they just reveal my physical structure. A dear friend of mine bought me those and I haven’t worn them like in years because they just not my style. I have a lot of my old wear I can use to even if it’s raining on that particular photo shoot. It’s easy I carry changing clothes when I get to work, I change and remove those wet ones. I then change back into some more old clothes because my bag can hold more. Wear what you want and don’t let anybody compromise what you are comfortable with.

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