Wii Online Functions Terminated

At a surprising turn of events Nintendo, one of the largest video game manufacturer in the world announced today that they will no longer be supporting any of the online services for the Nintendo Wii. This game as a shock to everyone in the video game industry as the Wii U has only been on shelves for nearly two years and usually a manufacturer won’t end their online services on their previous console for nearly five years.


Nintendo is clearly doing this in hopes that by no longer supporting the online service for the Wii they will be able to sell more copies on the Wii U. This also doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone as the Wii U has been doing extremely poor in sales since it was first released, even before the Playstation 4 and Xbox One was released the Wii U was doing incredibly bad in sales and is still considered to be the biggest flop ever for Nintendo.

Nintendo also announced that they will no longer be supporting online functionality for the Nintendo DS. This is acceptable as the Nintendo DS is no longer used by the majority of Nintendo Fans and online functionality is hardly used anymore on the device. Nintendo couldn’t be reached for comment as they have been receiving a lot of backlash regarding this announcement. We suspect that they won’t go back on their word as Nintendo has never done so, it should be noted that another console from Nintendo is rumored to be unveiled at E3 this year.

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