Winter Bikes

When you live in a country such as Canada it isn’t uncommon to see someone riding their Bicycle in the cold winter season as it is a fast form of transportation other than a car. Unfortunately the tires for these bicycle’s and the frame work can’t support winter which is why you often see people crashing their Bicycle’s while riding in the winter season. Luckily Winter Bikes have now come to Canada & all other locations where winter is a reality. These new bike’s incorporate new technology that allows for people to continuality ride throughout their cities.

Fat Bike

This new bicycle has been nicknamed the “Fat Bike” as the wheels are massive in width and thickness. The tires come in a variety of sizes but the largest of them all is a tire 6 inches in height, 4 inches in width and thick with lots of air pressure. You must be thinking that using these bike’s must be an incredibly hard task but you would be wrong. Technology in the frame of the tires allow for heat to be transferred into the tires with basic movement.

This allows for the tires to heat up to a point where they’re not effected from being able to be ridden but allows for the snow to melt underneath them. The frame of these bikes are also immensely light making the weight of this bike no different than any average bicycle.
Those wishing to find one of these new bike’s can easily do so by going to their local Bicycle/Sporting Goods Store & requesting that one be shipped in.

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